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Education Services



With years of experience in the field of education, our company undertakes training of security personnel in issues such as:


  • Staff selection
  • Self-defense, self-protection
  • Guarding of facilities
  • Responding to first aid
  • Money transport
  • Technical controls of pedestrians and high risk vehicles.
  • Individual and Group Combat Tactics
  • Combat Shooting
  • High Risk Arrest Techniques
  • Climbs-Rappelings
  • Unorthodox Warfare
  • Underwater Missions
  • Use of Explosives
  • RBXP Radioactive Biological and Chemical War
  • Special Driving techniques
  • Protection of VIPS (group counterattack)
  • Flying escorts
  • Air Shooter Techniques
  • Snipers
  • Administrative Techniques
  • Anti-terrorist Techniques
  • Design of special operations
  • Crisis Management

Seminars and educational programs on the full range of security services are organized regularly and can be attended by everyone who might be interested.

Furthermore our company undertakes the Security Consulting Services to private or legal entities as well as Crisis Managemet.