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Investigation Services

SSU,  assisting the smooth operation of its customers , is able to offer research on a wide range of functions through a nationwide network of trained researchers and collaborators.
Our portfolio of services in this section include control of facilities for any trapped mechanisms and interception of telephone conversations. The company can propose solutions and countermeasures if required as well as research and management of information.

Customers of this service are organizations, banks, insurance companies, leading companies and individuals as well.


• Security control of web applications

• Security control of information systems (Infrastructure)

• Forensic investigation of digital evidence

• Detection and removal of malware & respond to emergencies (Incident Response)

• Investigation and collection of information from open sources for legal entities and individuals (OSINT)

• Training seminars on information systems and information security (Security Awareness)

• Construction of Blockchain systems (Ethereum, Hyperledger etc.)

• Code writing and security clearance of smart contracts (Solidity)

• Electronic clearance, detection and elimination of monitoring systems and software in any fixed or mobile space (Bug Sweeping)

• Check on the mobile and the gsm - sim card for malicious interventions as well as the existence of malicious software or monitoring material 

• Detection of hidden audio devices with gsm-sim card or micro-transmissions at any frequency, even when they are off (Standby Mode)

• Blocking of wireless networks and frequencies in unauthorized areas (Signal Jamming)