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Reasons to choose SSU

Crisis Management

The Director of SSU Ltd Company, Mavrogiannis Panagiotis is a member and instructor of EKAM Unit (Special Suppressive Anti terrorist Unit), trained in the best Special Forces in the country and abroad. Among others, he also attended training on ways of managing critical incidents, action planning, permanent operating procedures and tactical choices. He participated in many Special Operations to tackle organized crime, terrorism and hostages. He was rewarded for his service with material and moral compensation as a proposal for gallantry. With the well-appraisal of possible threats/risks and determining the level of threat, defensive measures can be taken to prevent/deter and respond to terrorist acts (hostage-taking, kidnapping, etc.)

Protection of individuals of high risk

The founder and director of the SSU, Panagiotis Mavrogiannis, has years of experience as head accompanying contingent and sniper for the protection of high-risk leaders who visited our country more than 15 years (Clinton, Bush, Arafat, Putin etc.). In conjunction with the specialized training that followed the largest Training Center of the World (Black Water), all these renders Mr Mavrogiannis  more than capable to control, coordinate and administrate any scale security staff. The staff of the SSU is perfectly qualified  for escorting high-risk individuals. It is composed of former members of special forces with great educational and operational experience as well as with legal firearms license.

Training of security personnel

Mavrogiannis Panagiotis, founder of SSU guarantees  excellent training of security personnel. He was  a trainer in EKAM Unit (Special repressive Anti-terrorism Unit) for 15 years on self-defense, self-protection, shooting battle, unorthodox warfare, dealing with threats from weapons of mass destruction (CBRN),  protection of public figures and flight security officers, special driving techniques, administrative and counter-terrorism tactics, planning and management of special operations with hostages in buildings, public transport, aircraft, etc. Also, he was team leader and trainer of the team sniper EKAM and in the Special Forces of the country, the MDR of the Navy, the Air Force 31MEE and MVA Coast Guard.
Furthermore, there is availability of cquisition, lease or operation in any way, of any means of transport on land, sea or air, necessary to meet the security needs.

SSU Company in cooperation with travel agencies and vehicle rental companies and yacht charter can also guarantee the excellent organization of the trip to our country with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Supervision/storage of movable and immovable property and facilities.
SSU Company provides highly trained personnel for guarding vulnerable targets with former members of Special Forces, who have acquired special work permit and can guarantee the prevention and deterrence of any unlawful or terrorist act. The personnel of our company, for guarding, supervision and safety of persons at high risk, is re-trained and approved by the founder of our company, Panagiotis Mavrogiannis, a former official of ΕΚΑΜ as well as Special Forces of our country.

Protection of facilities, events, exhibitions, conferences

The head of the company, Mavrogiannis Panagiotis, having gained considerable experience in crowd management and after autopsy in this area, he conducts an assessment of the potential risks and guides the security personnel to take the necessary measures in order to prevent any malicious acts.

Secure transport services

SSU Company provides a secure transfer of money, objects and valuables “on demand" completely covering the specific needs of each customer by providing privacy, confidentiality and efficiency, using specialized security personnel which has the appropriate expertise.

Investigation services

SSU Company undertakes investigations of all kinds with absolute confidentiality. Information is collected by highly skilled researchers suitably trained in this specialized subject and managed by the Director of the company Panagiotis Mavrogiannis.

Studies, design and installation of security systems

SSU Company specializes in Vulnerability assessment and after an autopsy, there is the
design, installation, maintenance and monitoring high-tech security systems (CCTV, alarms, fire detection etc.)


SSU Company specializes in Anti-piracy with specially trained men, former members of the Special Forces and armed with a military background. After the assessment of potential threats / risks in the danger zone, SSU protects crew of the ship and prevents any terrorist act.