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Company Profile

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When you are activated in providing Security Services you can never complacent.

Listening behind the obvious.
Monitor developments in technology, trained in new techniques of confrontation.
A company in alert!

SSU was created to solve any high-security problem, surrounded by the most capable officers in the Greek Market and is nowadays structured over a solid foundation by following the European standards.

Founded in 2009 and operated successfully by Mavrogiannis Panagiotis ,former officer of the Greek Police and instructor of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit (EKAM) with further training in special forces in the country and abroad, who has furthermore participated in many special Ops of Terrorism,  Hostages Deal and Organised  Crime, having gained extensive experience and valuable Knowledge.

SSU executives are people selected with the strictest criteria, mainly retired  executives of the special forces of the Greek Police whose long experience in combination with the excellent training, guarantees the highest level of professionalism, discretion, trust and commitment for immediate response and resolution of any security problem.

“Flexible ,Dynamic and above all effective…” are words of many of our customers who has made SSU pioneer in the Greek Market.